PATOS MULTI LINKS was founded in 1993 and we have been providing Marine Logistic Services, Oil Field Services, Equipment leasing, Civil, Mechanical Engineering Construction and General Service towards meeting the needs of our Clients. The company has since its inception met the increasing demands and needs of its Clients in its major line of objective.

We have well qualified and highly trained and highly motivated personnel and a solid team for effective execution of important tasks as contained in our object clause. 

PATOS MULTI LINKS has over the years built an asset and capital base that gives it an edge towards the execution of its assigned projects within the time frame of its Client. 

PATOS MULTI LINKS LIMITED in its aim towards the satisfaction of the various interests and the Shareholders shall not sacrifice safety on the altar of profit. We pride ourselves on the issue of safety in our work place. Our manpower is well-trained on safety policies and the need towards maintaining a safe work environment, thus ensuring accident-free operations. We have a standard safety policy manual, which is strictly adhered to by all employees. 

This is attested to by the fact that in PATOS MULTI LINKS LIMITED we have not had operational accidents resulting to injury, disability or fatality since inception. This is an enviable record which we cannot compromise.


PATOS MULTI LINK LIMITED has a vision to be a global maritime servicing Company mostly admired for the provision of prompt and efficient service. This vision extends to how we cultivate the power of human invention and use it to drive progress for ourselves and the client we serve.

One of the results of these efforts has been our introduction of industry-changing technological strategies and ways of investment – real world application in mechanical, civil, logistics, and other fundamental areas.


In line with our policy, high business integrity, quality and efficient services are of great importance. Our clients can be assured of the following commitments to them;

 World class professional services.

 The use of State-of-the-Art-Technologies.

 Services tailored to the need of Clients.

 Cordial relationship with host communities.

 Promptness in project execution and completion.


PATOS MULTI LINK LIMITED GROUP is amulti-disciplinary group of Companies which operates as follows:-

- We have a Company which provides Marine Logistic Services, Oil Field Services, Equipment leasing in the Oil and Gas Industry including Jack-Up Equipment, Tug Boats, Barges

- We have a Company which specializes in Civil, Mechanical Engineering Construction works like Road, Bridge, and Building Construction Works

- We are in partnership with Companies for the execution of EPC Contracts

- We are in partnership for the Rental of Solid Control Equipment and Services For Deep Off-Shore Operations.


Some of our Clients are Shell in Nigeria, AGIP, Federal and State Governments in Nigeria.